SP Legendary Cuts is a Baseball Card set manufactured by Upper Deck that has been a mainstay on the baseball card marketplace since 2001.

Primary FocusEdit

The primary focus of the SP Legendary Cuts brand is on Hall of Famers and other star players from by-gone eras. The cards typically feature unique photography of old time players that many current collectors never had the opportunity to witness playing.

Beginning in 2008 Upper Deck began including many current players in SP Legendary Cuts, significantly changing the checklists and including many more game used cards of rising stars and autographs of young players. In some collectors' opinion, this has weakened the set.

After losing their MLB license, Upper Deck released one last SP Legendary Cuts set. This set was issued in 1 card packs with a cut signature card in each pack.

List of SP Legendary Cuts Baseball Card SetsEdit

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