The Studio was one the main product lines for Donruss until the company lost its MLB license. It was reintroduced by Panini as an insert set in Donruss Baseball when they started producing that set again.

1991 StudioEdit

The very first Studio set consisted of 263 numbered cards and an unnumbered header card. The cards were quite different from most cards produced. The photography on the cards were all black and white portraits shot in a studio, rather than candids, action shots or portraits shot on a practice fielder during Spring Training. A preview set of 18 cards was inserted in four card packs in some 1991 Donruss factory sets.

1992 StudioEdit

The second Studio set changed to color photography and added the first insert set. The Heritage line of inserts would be included in many future Studio sets as well.

1993 StudioEdit

The Heritage insert set in 1993 Studio is extremely similar to the 1992 version.

1994 StudioEdit

1995 StudioEdit

In 1995, Donruss went a completely different direction with its Studio set. They removed all the insert sets and added two parallel sets. Also the card design shifted significantly, with the cards looking like credit cards. Maybe they should have called the set Donruss ATM or something...

1996 StudioEdit

In 1996 Donruss changed the format of Studio again, bringing back insert sets but keeping the parallel sets. The set also now featured two photographs per card front, an action shot and a portrait.

1997 StudioEdit

1998 StudioEdit

2001 StudioEdit

2002 StudioEdit

2003 StudioEdit

2004 StudioEdit

2005 StudioEdit

Panini Donruss Studio Insert SetsEdit

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