The Base Set for 2017 Donruss draws inspiration from the 1990 Donruss Baseball set. As with previous sets the Diamond Kings subset and Rated Rookies subset were both short prints, DK's inserted at a rate of 1:5, while RR's were inserted 1:12.



Number Player Team Note SP RC
1 Paul Goldschmidt Diamondbacks Diamond Kings SP
2 Freddie Freeman Braves Diamond Kings SP
3 Mark Trumbo Orioles Diamond Kings SP
4 Jackie Bradley Jr. Red Sox Diamond Kings SP
5 Anthony Rizzo Cubs Diamond Kings SP
6 Jose Abreu White Sox Diamond Kings SP
7 Joey Votto Reds Diamond Kings SP
8 Corey Kluber Indians Diamond Kings SP
9 Nolan Arenado Rockies Diamond Kings SP
10 Justin Verlander Tigers Diamond Kings SP
11 Carlos Correa Astros Diamond Kings SP
12 Salvador Perez Royals Diamond Kings SP
13 Mike Trout Angels Diamond Kings SP
14 Corey Seager Dodgers Diamond Kings SP
15 Christian Yelich Marlins Diamond Kings SP
16 Jonathan Villar Brewers Diamond Kings SP
17 Miguel Sano Twins Diamond Kings SP
18 Noah Syndergaard Mets Diamond Kings SP
19 Masahiro Tanaka Yankees Diamond Kings SP
20 Khris Davis A's Diamond Kings SP
21 Maikel Franco Phillies Diamond Kings SP
22 Gregory Polanco Pirates Diamond Kings SP
23 Wil Myers Padres Diamond Kings SP
24 Madison Bumgarner Giants Diamond Kings SP
25 Robinson Cano Mariners Diamond Kings SP
26 Stephen Piscotty Cardinals Diamond Kings SP
27 Brad Miller Rays Diamond Kings SP
28 Rougned Odor Rangers Diamond Kings SP
29 Edwin Encarnacion Blue Jays Diamond Kings SP
30 Daniel Murphy Nationals Diamond Kings SP
31 Yoan Moncada White Sox Rated Rookies SP RC
32 David Dahl Rockies Rated Rookies SP RC
33 Dansby Swanson Braves Rated Rookies SP RC
34 Andrew Benintendi Red Sox Rated Rookies SP RC
35 Alex Reyes Cardinals Rated Rookies SP RC
36 Tyler Glasnow Pirates Rated Rookies SP RC
37 Josh Bell Pirates Rated Rookies SP RC
38 Aaron Judge Yankees Rated Rookies SP RC
39 Jose De Leon Dodgers Rated Rookies SP RC
40 Jeff Hoffman Rockies Rated Rookies SP RC
41 Hunter Renfroe Padres Rated Rookies SP RC
42 Carson Fulmer White Sox Rated Rookies SP RC
43 Alex Bregman Astros Rated Rookies SP RC
44 Orlando Arcia Brewers Rated Rookies SP RC
45 Manuel Margot Padres Rated Rookies SP RC
46 Paul Goldschmidt Diamondbacks
47 Jean Segura Diamondbacks
48 Zack Greinke Diamondbacks
49 Jake Lamb Diamondbacks
50 Yasmany Tomas Diamondbacks
51 Freddie Freeman Braves
52 Matt Kemp Braves
53 Nick Markakis Braves
54 Mark Trumbo Orioles
55 Chris Davis Orioles
56 Adam Jones Orioles
57 Manny Machado Orioles
57A Manny Machado Orioles Hakuna Machado SP
58 Zach Britton Orioles
59 Mookie Betts Red Sox Batting
59A Mookie Betts Red Sox Batting With Catcher SP
60 Xander Bogaerts Red Sox
61 Dustin Pedroia Red Sox
62 Jackie Bradley, Jr. Red Sox
63 Rick Porcello Red Sox
64 David Price Red Sox
65 Hanley Ramirez Red Sox
66 Jake Arrieta Cubs
67 Javier Baez Cubs
68 Kris Bryant Cubs
68A Kris Bryant Cubs Black and White SP
68B Kris Bryant Cubs MVP SP
68C Kris Bryant Cubs Throwback Uni SP
69 Kyle Hendricks Cubs
70 Anthony Rizzo Cubs
70A Anthony Rizzo Cubs Rizz SP
71 Ben Zobrist Cubs
72 Addison Russell Cubs
73 Jon Lester Cubs
74 Kyle Schwarber Cubs
75 Todd Frazier White Sox
76 Melky Cabrera White Sox
77 Chris Sale White Sox
78 Jose Abreu White Sox
79 Joey Votto Reds
80 Adam Duvall Reds
81 Dan Straily Reds
82 Jay Bruce Mets
83 Corey Kluber Indians
84 Francisco Lindor Indians
85 Jose Ramirez Indians
86 Mike Napoli Indians
87 Trevor Bauer Indians
88 Tyler Naquin Indians
89 Nolan Arenado Rockies Black Jersey
89A Nolan Arenado Rockies White Jersey SP
90 Trevor Story Rockies
91 Charlie Blackmon Rockies
92 DJ LeMahieu Rockies
93 Miguel Cabrera Tigers
93A Miguel Cabrera Tigers Miggy SP
94 Ian Kinsler Tigers
95 Justin Verlander Tigers
96 Michael Fulmer Tigers
96A Michael Fulmer Tigers ROY SP
97 Jose Altuve Astros
97A Jose Altuve Astros Gigante SP
98 Carlos Correa Astros
99 George Springer Astros
100 Evan Gattis Astros
101 Eric Hosmer Royals
102 Salvador Perez Royals
103 Kendrys Morales Royals
104 Mike Trout Angels Batting
104A Mike Trout Angels Clapping SP
104B Mike Trout Angels MVP SP
105 Albert Pujols Angels
106 Corey Seager Dodgers
106A Corey Seager Dodgers ROY SP
107 Justin Turner Dodgers
108 Clayton Kershaw Dodgers
109 Kenta Maeda Dodgers
110 Kenley Jansen Dodgers
111 Joc Pederson Dodgers
112 Adrian Gonzalez Dodgers
113 Christian Yelich Marlins
114 Dee Gordon Marlins
115 Marcell Ozuna Marlins
116 Giancarlo Stanton Marlins
117 Ryan Braun Brewers
118 Jonathan Villar Brewers
119 Chris Carter Brewers
120 Brian Dozier Twins
121 Miguel Sano Twins
122 Noah Syndergaard Mets
123 Yoenis Cespedes Mets
124 Jacob deGrom Mets
125 Curtis Granderson Mets
126 Gary Sanchez Yankees
127 Starlin Castro Yankees
128 Masahiro Tanaka Yankees
129 Khris Davis A's
130 Marcus Semien A's
131 Odubel Herrera Phillies
132 Maikel Franco Phillies
133 Freddy Galvis Phillies
134 Starling Marte Pirates
135 Andrew McCutchen Pirates
136 Gregory Polanco Pirates
137 Jung-Ho Kang Pirates
138 Wil Myers Padres
139 Alex Dickerson Padres
140 Madison Bumgarner Giants
141 Buster Posey Giants
142 Johnny Cueto Giants
143 Brandon Belt Giants
144 Kyle Seager Mariners
145 Robinson Cano Mariners
146 Nelson Cruz Mariners
147 Hisashi Iwakuma Mariners
148 Felix Hernandez Mariners
149 Matt Holliday Cardinals
150 Stephen Piscotty Cardinals
151 Randal Grichuk Cardinals
152 Yadier Molina Cardinals
153 Matt Carpenter Cardinals
154 Carlos Martinez Cardinals
155 Evan Longoria Rays
156 Brad Miller Rays
157 Jake Odorizzi Rays
158 Adrian Beltre Rangers
159 Cole Hamels Rangers
160 Ian Desmond Rangers
161 Rougned Odor Rangers
162 Elvis Andrus Rangers
163 Nomar Mazara Rangers
164 Edwin Encarnacion Blue Jays
165 Josh Donaldson Blue Jays
165A Josh Donaldson Blue Jays Bringer of Rain SP
166 J.A. Happ Blue Jays
167 Aaron Sanchez Blue Jays
168 Devon Travis Blue Jays
169 Troy Tulowitzki Blue Jays
170 Jose Bautista Blue Jays
171 Bryce Harper Nationals
172 Max Scherzer Nationals
173 Daniel Murphy Nationals
173A Daniel Murphy Nationals Murph SP
174 Wilson Ramos Nationals
175 Trea Turner Nationals
176 Mark Melancon Nationals
177 Cal Ripken Orioles
177A Cal Ripken Orioles Hall of Fame 2007 SP
178 Dave Winfield Padres
178A Dave Winfield Padres 12 Time All-Star
179 Duke Snider Dodgers
179A Duke Snider Dodgers The Duke of Flatbush SP
180 Frank Thomas White Sox
180A Frank Thomas White Sox 1993 MVP
181 Jim Palmer Orioles
182 Johnny Bench Reds
182A Johnny Bench Reds Little General, 1968 NL ROY SP
183 Ken Griffey, Jr. Mariners
184 Kirby Puckett Twins
185 Nolan Ryan Rangers
185A Nolan Ryan Rangers The Express, Hall of Fame 1999 SP
186 Pete Rose Reds
186A Pete Rose Reds Charlie Hustle SP
187 Roberto Alomar Blue Jays
188 Ryne Sandberg Cubs
188A Ryne Sandberg Cubs Ryno SP
189 Tom Seaver Mets
190 Tony Gwynn Padres
191 Wade Boggs Red Sox
191A Wade Boggs Red Sox Chicken Man, .368 BA 1985 SP
192 Willie McCovey Giants
193 Willie Stargell Pirates
193A Willie Stargell Pirates Pops SP
194 Yu Darvish Rangers
195 Carlos Gonzalez Rockies

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