Whatever Works is an insert set in 2015 Topps Update.


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Number Player Team
WW-1 Mark Teixeira Yankees
WW-2 Tim Lincecum A's
WW-3 Wade Boggs Red Sox
WW-4 Nomar Garciaparra Red Sox
WW-5 Craig Biggio Astros
WW-6 Max Scherzer Nationals
WW-7 Joe DiMaggio Yankees
WW-8 Roger Clemens Yankees
WW-9 Richie Ashburn Phillies
WW-10 Jim Palmer Orioles
WW-11 Mike Napoli Rangers
WW-12 Justin Verlander Tigers
WW-13 David Ortiz Red Sox
WW-14 Chipper Jones Braves
WW-15 Alex Gordon Royals

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