Turkey Red is an insert set in 2009 Topps. The 100-card set features veterans, rising stars and Hall of Fame players. The card design is based on the Turkey Red retro themed sets released by Topps from 2005 to 2008. Cards 1-50 were inserted in Series 1. Cards 51-100 were inserted in Topps Update. Both series were inserted 1:4 packs.



Number Player Team
TR1 Babe Ruth Yankees
TR2 Evan Longoria Rays
TR3 Jimmie Foxx A's
TR4 Alex Rios Blue Jays
TR5 Nick Markakis Orioles
TR6 Ian Kinsler Rangers
TR7 Andre Ethier Dodgers
TR8 Ryan Ludwick Cardinals
TR9 Tim Lincecum Giants
TR10 Jackie Robinson Dodgers
TR11 Bengie Molina Giants
TR12 Jermaine Dye White Sox
TR13 Brian Giles Padres
TR14 Chase Utley Phillies
TR15 David Ortiz Red Sox
TR16 Joe Mauer Twins
TR17 Conor Jackson D-Backs
TR18 Jose Lopez Mariners
TR19 Brian McCann Braves
TR20 George Sisler Browns
TR21 Garret Anderson Angels
TR22 Cliff Lee Indians
TR23 Garrett Atkins Rockies
TR24 Curtis Granderson Tigers
TR25 Alex Rodriguez Yankees
TR26 Cristian Guzman Nationals
TR27 Aubrey Huff Orioles
TR28 Delmon Young Twins
TR29 Carlos Quentin White Sox
TR30 Christy Mathewson Giants
TR31 Justin Upton D-Backs
TR32 Shane Victorino Phillies
TR33 Joey Votto Reds
TR34 Kelly Johnson Braves
TR35 David Wright Mets
TR36 Jacoby Ellsbury Red Sox
TR37 Kevin Kouzmanoff Padres
TR38 Hunter Pence Astros
TR39 Corey Hart Brewers
TR40 Kosuke Fukudome Cubs
TR41 Cole Hamels Phillies
TR42 Geovany Soto Cubs
TR43 Torii Hunter Angels
TR44 Ervin Santana Rays
TR45 Miguel Cabrera Tigers
TR46 Josh Johnson Marlins
TR47 Carlos Gomez Twins
TR48 Nate McLouth Pirates
TR49 Ben Sheets Brewers
TR50 Tris Speaker Indians

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