Base SetEdit

The base set of 2009 Topps includes veteran players, logo rookie cards, major league managers, Highlights, and League Leaders subsets. Also an additional 18 variation cards were also inserted into packs. These 18 cards are primarily Hall of Fame players plus a CC Sabathia in a New York Yankees uniform and a card for the new President Barack Obama.

Parallel SetsEdit

Insert SetsEdit

American Legends Cut SignatureEdit

Career BestEdit

In the NameEdit

2009 Topps In The Name

Legends of the GameEdit

Mantle ReprintEdit

Ticket to Toppstown.comEdit

2009 Topps TTcom 20

Turkey RedEdit

2009 Topps TR 04

Ring of HonorEdit

2009 Topps Ring 15

This 50-card set features players who will always be remembered for their feats with a particular team. The set is also partially paralleled by an Autographed set.

Sketch CardsEdit

World Baseball Classic RedemptionsEdit

2009 Topps WBC Redemption

World ChampionsEdit

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