Team Orange is an insert set in 2008 Allen and Ginter. This 10 mini card set features a fictional, mythical team of baseball superstars. Each card back tells a fantasic story of the accomplishments of each "legendary" baseball player. These cards were inserted 1:144 packs.

This set was also the key to "cracking the code" of 2008 Allen and Ginter. The answer to the code was the mustached players in this set.


  • TO1 Cornelius Franks
  • TO2 Mittens McCluskey
  • TO3 Capt. W.P. Mantooth
  • TO4 Wheelbarrow Walker
  • TO5 Archibald Clinker
  • TO6 Minty Beans
  • TO7 Francisco Fiasco
  • TO8 Thurgood Cartwright IV
  • TO9 Enzo DiStubbs
  • TO10 Sir Wagonwheel Stevens


2008 Topps AG TO-10 2008 Topps AG TO-10 Back

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