2008 Allen and Ginter is a retro themed set produced by Topps and was the third of the Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball sets.


The set was distributed in packs at both hobby and retail outlets. The most rare inserts, such as the Cut Signatures, were exclusive to hobby boxes along with the Cabinet and N-43 box toppers.

Base SetEdit

Mini ParallelsEdit

Each card pack contained 1 mini parallel or insert card. The base level minis were numbered 1-350 and paralleled the entire set, the short printed base cards are also short printed in the base mini, the Allen and Ginter Back, and the Black border mini sets. The Allen and Ginter back cards were inserted at a rate of 1:5 packs (1:65 for short prints). The next level of parallel were the Black border mini's that were inserted at a rate of 1:10 packs (1:110 for short prints). The next three levels of mini parallels have no short prints, No Number on Back had only 50 sets printed (inserted 1:151 packs), the Bazooka Backs had only 25 copies printed (insert 1:301 packs), and the Wood parallels (1/1) inserted 1:4395 and in Rip Cards. Note the Wood parallels include the Mini Exclusives numbered 351-400.

Mini Extended SetEdit

Standard Size ParallelsEdit

Insert SetsEdit

There was a tremendous expansion in the number of insert sets from the 2007 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball set to the 2008 set. In total fifteen insert sets were included in 2008 Allen and Ginter, most were mini sized while a few were game used and autograph cards.

Allen and Ginter Standard Insert SetsEdit


2008 Topps AG AU BB

The 59 card set featured autographs from champions in other sports as well as baseball players. Overall odds of pulling an autographed card was approximately 1 per 67 packs.

Box Loader CabinetsEdit

2008 Topps AG Cab BH2

Each hobby box contained either a Cabinent card or an N-43 card. The Cabinet cards were really two different series, a series of baseball players and a series of historical battles. A third type of cabinet card, featuring the tire track of Bigfoot the monster truck, was also inserted into hobby boxes as a top loader. A total of 200 serial numbered copies of the Bigfoot card were produced.

Cut SignaturesEdit

This 20-card set features signatures from famous politicians, authors, astronauts, and military leaders. Each card is a 1/1.

DNA RelicsEdit

2008 Topps AG DNA Lincoln

The most ambitious of the insert sets in 2008 Allen and Ginter. These cards feature hair samples from different legendary people. 13 of the 14 cards are 1/1's. The Abraham Lincoln card sold for $8800 on eBay after it was pulled from a pack. This would become of one of the mainstay insert sets in Allen and Ginter.

N-43 Box ToppersEdit

2008 Topps AG N43 Base

One of two different types of Box Topper insert sets in hobby boxes. The main set is also partially paralleled by a game used, autographed and game used autographed sets.

Mini Framed RelicsEdit

2008 Topps AG Relic CZ

The Relics set numbered 114 cards in 2008. Most were baseball players, but there were several Olympic athletes included, as the Summer Games were held in Beijing in 2008. Other sports were also included, college football, tennis, billiards, and even some extreme sports.

Rip CardsEdit

2008 Topps AG Rip 32

The Rip Card set was expanded from 50 cards to 100 cards for the 2008 set. As in previous years, each card was a shell that contained another card within. The card inside had a very high chance of being a 1/1. Unripped cards carry a high premium on the secondary market.

2008 Allen and Ginter Unique Insert SetsEdit

The big shift in insert sets in the 2008 Allen and Ginter set was the inclusion of many unique sets focused on subjects outside the sport of baseball. Ancient icons, pioneers, politicians, historical events, and sharks were just some of the subjects. Insert odds were different for each set, with the World Leaders set being the easiest to pull. Most of the sets were mini sized except for the World's Greatest Victories and the United States set. The United States set was printed on thicker card stock and was primarily used as a decoy card to prevent pack searching. The insert card front designs were all nearly identical to the base mini set. This made them somewhat difficult to spot when first flipping through a pack of cards.

Insert Set GalleryEdit

List of Unique Insert Sets Individual Set PagesEdit

Other InformationEdit

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