Destination Stardom is a game used memorabilia insert set in 2008 SP Legendary Cuts. The cards were randomly inserted packs to meet the overall game used 3 per box insertion odds. The 47-card set features young players who looked headed towards "Destination Stardom." All of the card feature jersey swatches, most are a single color with an occasional pinstriped piece.



Number Player Team
AG Alex Gordon Royals
AI Akinori Iwamura Rays
AM Andrew MillerMarlins
BB Billy Butler Royals
BM Brian McCann Braves
BU BJ Upton Rays
CB Chad Billingsley Dodgers
CD Chris Duncan Cardinals
CG Curtis Granderson Tigers
CH Cole Hamels Phillies
DH Dan Haren D-backs
DM Daisuke Matsuzaka Red Sox
DU Dan Uggla Marlins
DM Delmon Young Nationals
FH Felix Hernandez Mariners
FI Josh Fields White Sox
GA Garrett Atkins Rockies
GS Grady Sizemore Indians
HA Corey Hart Brewers
HK Howie Kendrick Angels
HP Hunter Pence Astros
HR Hanley Ramirez Marlins
JF Jeff Francoeur Braves
JH JJ Hardy Brewers
JO Josh Hamilton Rangers
JP Jon Papelbon Red Sox
JV Justin Verlander Tigers
JW Jered Weaver Angels
KG Khalil Greene Padres
LE Jon Lester Red Sox
MH Matt Holliday Rockies
NM Nick Markakis Orioles
PF Prince Fielder Brewers
PH Phil Hughes Yankees
RB Ryan Braun Brewers
RG Ryan Garko Indians
RH Rich Hill Cubs
RM Russell MartinDodgers
RZ Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
SD Stephen Drew D-Backs
TB Travis Buck A’s
TL Tim Lincecum Giants
TT Troy Tulowitzki Rockies
YG Yovani Gallardo Brewers

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