Piece of Hollywood Memorabilia set was inserted into various Upper Deck products in 2008. The majority were issued in 2008 UD A Piece of History. The 27 card set was inserted 1 per 16 hobby packs (or about 1 per box). Each card features a piece of costume from a major Hollywood actor. Neither the Actor's full name or likeness were included on the card. Only the person's first name and name of the movie were included. This is very different of the Fans of the Game inserts from DLP from 2004-2005, Upper Deck did not pay the necessary fees to include the pictures and names. Also none of the films are related to sports at all.

Three of the cards (16, 17, and 20) were short printed and those carry a slightly higher premium in the market.



Number Name Movie Item
1 Amanda BynesSydney White Costume
2 Mel Gibson We Were Soldiers Shirt
3 Brad PittSpy Game Shirt
4 George Clooney3 Kings Army Jacket
5 Denzel WashingtonCourage Under Fire Jacket
6 Jamie FoxxRay Shirt
7 Kevin CostnerJFK Shirt
8 Jack NicholsonA Few Good Men Shirt
9 Mike MyersAustin Powers Pants
10 Dana CarveyWayne's World Hockey Jersey
11 Phillip Seymour HoffmanCapote Sweater
12 Jim CarreyBruce Almighty Shirt
13 Scarlett JohansonNanny Diaries T-Shirt
14 Demi MooreGI Jane Jacket
15 Christopher ReeveSuperman 3 Cape
16 Mel Gibson SPWe Were Soldiers Shoes
17 Denzel Washington SPCourage Under Fire Hat
18 Jim CarreyBruce Almighty Pants
19 George Clooney3 Kings Army Pants
20 Scarlett Johanson SPNanny Diaries Undershirt
21 Phillip Seymour HoffmanCapote Jacket
22 Denzell WashingtonCourage Under FirePants
23 Mel GibsonWe Were Soldiers Pants
24 Woody HarrelsonKingpin Jacket
25 Robin WilliamsBirdcage Shirt
26 Jennifer GarnerTime of Your Life Pajamas
27 Tom CruiseA Few Good Men Shirt

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