Hit Parade of Champions was an insert set in 2008 Goudey. The 30 card was randomly inserted into packs and was billed as a set that featured the greatest champions of the major team sports in the United States.

Some just don't make sense, the following players never won a championship their entire playing careers yet appear in the set anyway - Don Mattingly, Carl Yastrzemski, Ken Griffey Jr., LaDainian Tomlinson (not yet), and LeBron James (finally did it!).


Number Player Team
HPC-1 Albert Pujols Cardinals
HPC-2 Don Mattingly Yankees
HPC-3 Ben Roethlisberger Steelers
HPC-4 Bill Russell Celtics
HPC-5 Bobby Orr Bruins
HPC-6 Cal Ripken Jr Orioles
HPC-7 Carl Yastrzemski Red Sox
HPC-8 Derek Jeter Yankees
HPC-9 Emmitt Smith Cowboys
HPC-10 Gordie Howe Red Wings
HPC-11 Joe Montana 49ers
HPC-12 Joe Namath Jets
HPC-13 Ken Griffey Jr Reds
HPC-14 Kobe Bryant Lakers
HPC-15 LaDainian Tomlinson Chargers
HPC-16 Larry Bird Celtics
HPC-17 LeBron James Cavaliers
HPC-18 Magic Johnson Lakers
HPC-19 Mario Lemieux Penguins
HPC-20 Yogi Berra Yankees
HPC-21 Michael Jordan Bulls
HPC-22 Nolan Ryan Angels
HPC-23 Patrick Roy Canadiens
HPC-24 Peyton Manning Colts
HPC-25 Reggie Jackson Yankees
HPC-26 Roger Clemens Yankees
HPC-27 Roger Staubach Cowboys
HPC-28 Manny Ramirez Red Sox
HPC-29 Tom Brady Patriots
HPC-30 Wayne Gretzky Oilers


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