Ticket to Stardom is an insert set in 2007 Upper Deck. The 50-card set features young players who could become stars. The cards were inserted exclusively in Target retail packs at a rate of 1:4 packs. The set was also partially paralleled with a ten card autographed set. These cards are extremely rare with an insertion rate of 1:1440 packs.



Number Player AU
AD Alejandro De Aza
AG Alex Gordon
AI Akinori Iwamura
AS Angel Sanchez
BB Brian Barden
BI Joseph Bisenius
BM Brandon Morrow
BN Jared Burton
BU Jamie Burke
CH Matt Chico AU
CJ Cesar Jimenez AU
CS Chris Stewart AU
CW Chase Wright
DA John Danks AU
DK Don Kelly
DM Daisuke Matsuzaka
DS Doug Slaten
DY Delmon Young
ED Elijah Dukes
FP Felix Pie
GM Gustavo Molina
HG Hector Gimenez AU
HO Hideki Okajima
JA Joaquin Arias
JB Jeff Baker
JF Jesus Flores
JG Jose Garcia
JH Josh Hamilton
JM Jay Marshall
JO Joe Smith
JP Juan Perez
KC Kevin Cameron
KI Kei Igawa
KK Kevin Kouzmanoff AU
KO Kory Casto
LG Lee Gardner
LS Levale Speigner
MB Michael Bourn
ML Matt Lindstrom
MM Miguel Montero
MO Micah Owings
MR Mike Rabelo
RB Ryan Z. Braun
SA Juan Salas AU
SH Sean Henn
SO Joakim Soria
ST Brian Stokes
TB Travis Buck
TT Troy Tulowitzki AU
ZS Zack Segovia AU

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