Rookie of the Year Predictors is an insert in 2007 Upper Deck. The cards were inserted 1:16 hobby and 1:96 retail packs. If the player shown on the card won the Rookie of the Year award in baseball and the collector redeemed the cards prior to the expiration date, Upper Deck would send a special parallel set of the base set to the collector. 48 of the 50 cards show a specific player while the other two cards "take the field" - if none of the 48 players won the award then the Field cards would be the winners.


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Number Player Team
ROY1 Doug Slaten
ROY2 Miguel Montero
ROY3 Joseph Bisenius
ROY4 Kory Casto
ROY5 Jesus Flores
ROY6 John DanksWhite Sox
ROY7 Daisuke Matsuzaka Red Sox
ROY8 Matt Lindstrom
ROY9 Chris Stewart
ROY10 Kevin Cameron
ROY11 Hideki Okajima Red Sox
ROY12 Levale Speigner
ROY13 Kevin Kouzmanoff Padres
ROY14 Jeff Baker Rockies
ROY15 Don Kelly
ROY16 Troy Tulowitzki Rockies
ROY17 Felix Pie Cubs
ROY18 Cesar Jimenez
ROY19 Alejandro De Aza
ROY20 Jose Garcia
ROY21 Micah Owings Diamondbacks
ROY22 Josh Hamilton Reds
ROY23 Brian Barden
ROY24 Jamie Burke
ROY25 Mike Rabelo
ROY26 Elijah Dukes
ROY27 Travis Buck
ROY28 Kei Igawa Yankees
ROY29 Sean Henn Yankees
ROY30 American League Field
ROY31 National League Field
ROY32 Michael Bourn Phillies
ROY33 Alex Gordon Royals
ROY34 Chase Wright
ROY35 Matt Chico
ROY36 Joe Smith
ROY37 Lee Gardner
ROY38 Gustavo Molina
ROY39 Jared Burton
ROY40 Jay Marshall
ROY41 Brandon Morrow Mariners
ROY42 Akinori Iwamura Devil Rays
ROY43 Delmon Young Devil Rays
ROY44 Juan Salas
ROY45 Zack Segovia
ROY46 Brian Stokes
ROY47 Joaquin Arias Rangers
ROY48 Hector Gimenez Astros
ROY49 Ryan Z. Braun
ROY50 Juan Perez

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