Autographs is a partial parallel set of 2007 SP Authentic. Each card is serial numbered to 5 copies and were randomly inserted into packs. Several were all inserted as exchange cards.


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Number Player Team EXCH
4 Carlos Quentin Diamondbacks EXCH
6 Brandon Webb Diamondbacks
8 Derrek Lee Cubs
9 Aramis Ramirez Cubs
11 Ken Griffey Jr. Reds
12 Adam Dunn Reds
13 Josh Hamilton Reds
16 Matt Holliday Rockies EXCH
17 Hanley Ramirez Marlins
18 Dontrelle Willis Marlins
20 Lance Berkman Astros
22 Carlos Lee Astros
26 Rafael Furcal Dodgers
27 Rickie Weeks Brewers EXCH
28 Prince Fielder Brewers EXCH
29 Ben Sheets Brewers
32 Tom Glavine Mets
34 Cole Hamels Phillies
37 Jason Bay Pirates EXCH
41 Greg Maddux Padres EXCH
43 Matt Cain Giants
50 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
51 Felipe Lopez Nationals EXCH
52 Austin Kearns Nationals
55 Daniel Cabrera Orioles
56 David Ortiz Red Sox EXCH
59 Jonathan Papelbon Red Sox
60 Jim Thome White Sox
64 Victor Martinez Indians
65 Travis Hafner Indians
66 Ivan Rodriguez Tigers EXCH
67 Justin Verlander Tigers
68 Joel Zumaya Tigers
69 Jeremy Bonderman Tigers EXCH
74 Howie Kendrick Angels
79 Joe Nathan Twins
81 Derek Jeter Yankees EXCH
84 Rich Harden Athletics EXCH
86 Dan Haren Cardinals
88 Felix Hernandez Mariners
91 Carl Crawford Devil Rays
92 Scott Kazmir Devil Rays
93 Delmon Young Devil Rays
95 Mark Teixeira Rangers
98 Vernon Wells Blue Jays EXCH
99 Roy Halladay Blue Jays

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