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2006 Topps Update was paralleled by 4 parallel sets. The most common are the Gold parallels, inserted 1 in 4 hobby, 1 in 2 HTA and 1 in 6 retail and were serial numbered to 2006. Next are the First Edition parallels that were inserted 1:36 Hobby and 1:12 HTA but were not serial numbered even though they are more scarce than the Golds. The Black parallels were inserted 1 in 7 HTA packs only and are serial numbered to 55 copies each. Finally the Platinum parallels are each serial numbered 1/1's and were inserted 1:12,000 hobby, 1:8,800 HTA and 1:12,0000 Retail.


The four printing plates (Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow) for each card were also inserted into HTA packs only at a rate of 1:85. Each is a serial numbered 1/1.

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