New Age Performers is an insert set in 2006 Topps Heritage. The 15-card set was inserted at a rate of 1:15 packs (in both hobby and retail). The card fronts feature a full color action photo of the player on a green background surrounded by a white border. The card backs feature 2005 and career statistics and a short narrative puting their accomplishments in the 2005 season in a 1957 context. For example: Gary Sheffield’s RBI total from 2005 (123 RBI) were compared to the RBI leaders from 1957, Roy Sievers had 114 RBI and was the only player that had more than 105.


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Number Player Team
NA-AP Albert PujolsCardinals
NA-AR Alex RodriguezYankees
NA- BB Barry BondsGiants
NA-CL Carlos LeeWhite Sox
NA-DL Derrek LeeCubs
NA-DO David OrtizRed Sox
NA-GM Mark PriorCubs
NA-GS Gary SheffieldYankees
NA-IS Ichiro SuzukiMariners
NA-MC Miguel CabreraMarlins
NA-MR Manny RamirezRed Sox
NA-MT Mark TeixeiraRangers
NA-PM Pedro MartinezRed Sox
NA-RC Roger ClemensAstros
NA-VG Vladimir GuerreroAngels

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