Autographs is an insert set in 2006 Topps Allen and Ginter. The 51-card set features on card autographs from major stars of baseball and other sports. The cards were released in seven different groups that were inserted at varying rates. Four of the seven groups had print runs released by Topps.

The most notable autographs in this belong to the non-baseball players. Danica Patrick, Mike Tyson, and Jennie Finch are among the most valuable cards in the set.

Insertion OddsEdit

  • Group A Odds 1:2467 Hobby, 1:3850 Retail
  • Group B Odds 1:14,500 Hobby, 1:32,000 Retail
  • Group C Odds 1:2200 Hobby, 1:4300 Retail
  • Group D Odds 1:548 Hobby, 1:1090 Retail
  • Group E Odds 1:473 Hobby, 1:1000 Retail
  • Group F Odds 1:250 Hobby, 1:520 Retail
  • Group G Odds 1:158 Hobby, 1:299 Retail


Price ReportEdit

  • June 2009
    • Francisco Liriano $20
    • Jennie Finch $90
    • Robinson Cano $14


Number Player Group Print Run
AI Andy Irons D 200
AR Alex Rodriguez A 50
BB Barry Bonds A 25
BC Brandi Chastain D 200
BF Bob Feller E
BJR B.J. Ryan E
BW Billy Wagner F
CB Clint Barmes F
CL Carl Lewis D 200
CMW Chien-Ming Wang C 100
CR Cal Ripken A 50
CU Chase Utley E
CY Carl Yastrzemski A 50
DL Derrek Lee E
DP Danica Patrick C 100
DW David Wright E
DWI Dontrelle Willis C 100
EC Eric Chavez G
ES Ervin Santana F
FL Francisco Liriano G
GS Gary Sheffield A 50
HH Hulk Hogan D 200
HS Huston Street E
JB Jerry Bailey D 200
JB1 Josh Barfield G
JF Jennie Finch D 200
JG Jonny Gomes G
JS Johan Santana C 100
JW John Wooden D 200
KJ Kenji Johjima A 50
LF Lew Ford G
LS Leon Spinks D 200
MC Miguel Cabrera C 100
MT Mike Tyson D 200
MY Michael Young E
NR Nolan Ryan A 50
OS Ozzie Smith B 75
PF Prince Fielder F
RA Randy Couture E
RC Robinson Cano G
RH Ryan Howard F
RZ Ryan Zimmerman F
SK Scott Kazmir F
SM Stan Musial A 50
TG Tony Gwynn A 50
TH Travis Hafner F
TK Takeru Kobayashi D 200
VG Vladimir Guerrero A 50
VM Victor Martinez E
WG Wendy Guey F
WMP Wily Mo Pena G

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