Moments Relics is an insert set in 2005 Bazooka. The cards were released in two groups. A Group was inserted 1:1132 hobby and 1:1718 retail. B Group was inserted 1:110 hobby and 1:167 retail. Group A cards were all short printed to 100 copies each. The cards are not serial numbered and the print runs are according to Topps. What the heck is Matt Bush's "moment"? After being drafted in the first round 2004, he did not see action in a single major league game.


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Number Player Team GU Group
AP Albert Pujols Cardinals Cap A
AR Alex Rodriguez Yankees Uni A
AS Alfonso Soriano Rangers Uni A
FT Frank Thomas White Sox Uni B
IR Ivan Rodriguez Marlins Uni A
JP Jorge Posada Yankees Uni A
KR Kenny Rogers Tigers Uni B
MB Matt Bush Cardinals Jsy B
MM Mark Mulder A's Uni A
MP Mike Piazza Mets Uni A
MT Mark Teixeira Rangers Uni B
RH Ramon Hernandez Orioles Uni B
TL Terrence Long Royals Uni B

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