2005 All-Time Fan Favorites is a baseball card set distributed by Topps. It was the last of the Archives/Fan Favorites sets. The official release date for the set was June 10, 2005.


The cards were distributed in retail and hobby packs. The hobby boxes featured two autographs and one game used card per box, while retail boxes had only one autograph per box.

Base SetEdit

The base set is made up of 142 cards. The cards share the design of previous releases of Topps. The cards feature new photographs of each player on old designs of cards from 1951 to 2004. The card backs also mirror previous releases of Topps cards. Many of the cards featured non-players, notable cards include John Elway, shown as a minor leaguer with the New York, Theo Epstein and Marvin Miller. Only one current player is featured: Barry Bonds.

Parallel SetsEdit

Insert SetsEdit

Game Used cards were inserted as box toppers in all hobby boxes and autographs were inserted into all packs.


The Autographed cards were the main insert set. Approximately 2 autographs were inserted per hobby box and 1 autograph per retail box. A number of players were not able to get their cards back to Topps prior to packout. Those cards were available via redemption until May 31, 2007. The Theo Epstein cards were never redeemed.

Best Seat in the House RelicsEdit

2005 Topps Fan Best Seat

A series of game used seats and benches featuring pictures of multiple players who would have been seen in those seats. These cards were inserted as box toppers in hobby boxes of 2005 All-Time Fan Favorites. 5 of the 6 cards feature the Baltimore Orioles and 1 features the Yankees.

Game Used RelicsEdit

2005 Topps FF Relics RC

A series of game used bats and jerseys were inserted as a box topper into hobby boxes. All of the cards were serial numbered. The cards were split up into four groups.

Original RelicsEdit

An innovative set that featured two identical cards bought back and GU relics placed between the two with some filler material between the two cards. These cards were also inserted into the box toppers at a lower rate than the normal game used relics. These cards were inserted at a rate of 1:17 boxes and had a stated print run of 50 serial numbered sets.

League Leaders Tri-SignersEdit

Rookie Dual AutographsEdit

Other InformationEdit

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