The base set of 2005 Prime Patches is an 89 card set with 83 current players and 6 Hall of Famers. The set is primarily organized by team with a few exceptions. Each pack contained one base card along with two insert cards. The lone rookie card in the set is Prince Fielder.


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Number Player Team
1 Darin Erstad Angels
2 Garret Anderson Angels
3 Vladimir Guerrero Angels
4 Luis Gonzalez Diamondbacks
5 Shawn Green Diamondbacks
6 Troy Glaus Diamondbacks
7 Andruw Jones Braves
8 Chipper Jones Braves
9 John Smoltz Braves
10 Tim Hudson Braves
11 Brian Roberts Orioles
12 Melvin Mora Orioles
13 Miguel Tejada Orioles
14 Curt Schilling Red Sox
15 David Ortiz Red Sox
16 Johnny Damon Red Sox
17 Manny Ramirez Red Sox
18 Derrek Lee Cubs
19 Greg Maddux Cubs
20 Kerry Wood Cubs
21 Mark Prior Cubs
22 Mark Buehrle White Sox
23 Paul Konerko White Sox
24 Adam Dunn Reds
25 Ken Griffey Jr. Reds
26 Sean Casey Reds
27 Travis Hafner Indians
28 Victor Martinez Indians
29 Todd Helton Rockies
30 Ivan Rodriguez Tigers
31 Carlos Delgado Marlins
32 Dontrelle Willis Marlins
33 Josh Beckett Marlins
34 Miguel Cabrera Marlins
35 Craig Biggio Astros
36 Lance Berkman Astros
37 Roger Clemens Astros
38 Roy Oswalt Astros
39 Mike Sweeney Royals
40 Jeff Kent Dodgers
41 Milton Bradley Dodgers
42 Ben Sheets Brewers
43 Carlos Lee Brewers
44 Johan Santana Twins
45 Justin Morneau Twins
46 Torii Hunter Twins
47 David Wright Mets
48 Mike Piazza Mets
49 Pedro Martinez Mets
50 Alex Rodriguez Yankees
51 Derek Jeter Yankees
52 Gary Sheffield Yankees
53 Hideki Matsui Yankees
54 Randy Johnson Yankees
55 Barry Zito A's
56 Eric Chavez A's
57 Rich Harden A's
58 Bobby Abreu Phillies
59 Jim Thome Phillies
60 Pat Burrell Phillies
61 Jason Bay Pirates
62 Jake Peavy Padres
63 Edgardo Alfonzo Giants
64 Moises Alou Giants
65 Adrian Beltre Mariners
66 Carlos Beltran Mets
67 Ichiro Suzuki Mariners
68 Richie Sexson Mariners
69 Albert Pujols Cardinals
70 Jim Edmonds Cardinals
71 Mark Mulder Cardinals
72 Scott Rolen Cardinals
73 Aubrey Huff Devil Rays
74 Rocco Baldelli Devil Rays
75 Alfonso Soriano Rangers
76 Hank Blalock Rangers
77 Mark Teixeira Rangers
78 Michael Young Rangers
79 Roy Halladay Blue Jays
80 Vernon Wells Blue Jays
81 Jose Vidro Nationals
82 BJ Upton Devil Rays
83 Ted Williams Red Sox
84 Prince Fielder RC Brewers
85 Willie Mays Giants
86 Stan Musial Cardinals
87 Cal Ripken Orioles
88 George Brett Royals
89 Nolan Ryan Rangers

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