Stars of the MLB is an insert set in 2005 Playoff Prestige. These cards were inserted at a stated rate of 1:12 packs (approximately 2 per box). The cards feature some of the biggest stars in the league.

Additionally two parallel sets were also printed for this set. A foil set with a serial numbered print run of 100 copies per card and a holo-foil set with a serial numbered print run of 25. Both the foil and holo-foil cards were randomly inserted into packs.

The set was also partially paralleled by a number of different Game Used and Autographed sets.



Number Player Team
1 Randy Johnson Diamondbacks
2 Adrian Beltre Dodgers
3 Eric Chavez A's
4 Mike Mussina Yankees
5 Todd Helton Rockies
6 Curt Schilling Red Sox
7 Miguel Cabrera Marlins
8 Kerry Wood Cubs
9 David Ortiz Red Sox
10 Michael Young Rangers
11 Mark Mulder A's
12 Victor Martinez Indians
13 Johan Santana Twins
14 Scott Rolen Cardinals
15 Carlos Beltran Royals

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