2005 Changing Stripes is an insert set in 2005 Playoff Prestige. An insert in 2005 Playoff Prestige. These cards were inserted randomly into both hobby and retail packs (average 3-4 per box). No print run has been released and the cards were not serial numbered.

The cards feature star players who have changed teams during their careers. Typically a marquee or career changing move is highlighted in this set. Two standard parallel sets were also inserted - a foil set serial numbered to 100 on the card back and a Holo Foil set that is serial numbered to 25.

Two other parallels of this set exist - both feature two pieces of game used jersey. The first is Changing Stripes Dual Jerseys featuring just two plain swatches. The second is Changing Stripes Dual Jerseys Prime. These cards had a much more limited print run and feature multicolor patches.



Number Player Teams
CS-01 Ivan Rodriguez Marlins-Tigers
CS-02 Roger Clemens Yankees-Astros
CS-03 Curt Schilling D'backs-Red Sox
CS-04 Alex Rodriguez Rangers-Yankees
CS-05 Greg Maddux Braves-Cubs
CS-06 Juan Gonzalez Rangers-Royals
CS-07 Pedro Martinez Dodgers-Expos
CS-08 Roberto Alomar Indians-Mets
CS-09 Randy Johnson Expos-Mariners
CS-10 Ken Griffey Jr Mariners-Reds
CS-11 Carlos Beltran Royals-Astros
CS-12 Andy Pettitte Yankees-Astros
CS-13 Tom Glavine Braves-Mets
CS-14 Miguel Tejada A's-Orioles
CS-15 Alfonso Soriano Yanks-Rangers
CS-16 Shannon Stewart Jays-Twins
CS-17 Nomar Garciaparra Red Sox-Cubs
CS-18 Jeff Kent Giants-Astros
CS-19 David Ortiz Twins-Red Sox
CS-20 Sean Casey Indians-Reds
CS-21 Rickey Henderson Mets-Mariners
CS-22 Carlton Fisk Red Sox-White Sox
CS-23 Phil Niekro Braves-Yankees
CS-24 Dale Murphy Braves-Phillies
CS-25 Reggie Jackson A's-Yankees

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