Base SetEdit

Parallel SetsEdit

Autograph SpectrumEdit

Insert SetsEdit

The insert lineup was very similar to the 2004 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia offering. There was a solid mixture of game used and autographed cards with one "hit" per pack. All the sets had half of their cards in the "first" series and the others were in Update packs. Interestingly, Fans of the Game is not among the insert sets.

Absolutely InkEdit

The Absolutely Ink set features current and former players with sticker autographs and up to three game used pieces per card.


Marks of FameEdit

Recollection AutographsEdit

As with many other releases by Donruss around this time, cards from previous sets were purchased, autographed by players and inserted into packs.

Team TandemsEdit

Team TriosEdit

Team QuadsEdit

Team SixEdit

A new insert set that featured six players from one particular team. The six players may not have been contemporaries but share a common bond through the franchise. Some of the cards had up to six memorabilia swatches per card.

Tools Of The TradeEdit

This is the main insert in 2005 Absolute. There were numerous parallels with different game used combinations with up to six pieces per card. There were also autographed parallels and jumbo jersey swatches. By far the most popular are the prime jumbos but there are also many fake patches that were created and sold on the secondary market. Donruss was good to document which cards should have prime coloring, but many collectors were swindled into buying fake patches.

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