Gold Stars is an insert set in 2005 Leaf. The 20-card set features 15 modern stars and 5 Hall of Fame players. The cards were inserted 1:27 packs. The set is paralleled by a Mirror set, randomly inserted and serial numbered to 25 copies per card.


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Number Player Team
1 Albert Pujols Cardinals
2 Ichiro Suzuki Mariners
3 Derek Jeter Yankees
4 Alex Rodriguez Yankees
5 Scott Rolen Cardinals
6 Randy Johnson D-Backs
7 Roger Clemens Astros
8 Greg Maddux Cubs
9 Alfonso SorianoExpos
10 Mark Mulder A's
11 Sammy Sosa Orioles
12 Mike Piazza Mets
13 Rafael Palmeiro Orioles
14 Ivan Rodriguez Marlins
15 Miguel Cabrera Marlins
16 Stan Musial Cardinals
17 Nolan Ryan Rangers
18 Don Mattingly Yankees
19 George Brett Royals
20 Cal Ripken Orioless

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