2005 Donruss Champions was one of the last sets released by Donruss prior to the company losing its license with Major League Baseball.


The set was primarily distributed at hobby shops in eight card packs that came 24 packs per box and 20 boxes per case. Each box contained at least 16 parallel cards and 8 GU/AU hits. The set was released in December 2005.

Base SetEdit

2005 Don Champions 419

The 450 card base set for 2005 Donruss Champions is a star filled set of both current and retired major league stars. Many players appear on more than one card and many players appear on more than one team. Why Roger Cedeno needed five cards in the set is unknown.

Rookie CardsEdit

The rookies in this set include Brandon McCarthy, Justin Verlander, Prince Fielder, Tadahito Iguchi, and Jeff Niemann.

Parallel SetsEdit

Press PlatesEdit

The four press plates (Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow) for each card in the set were also inserted into packs. Although not priced in the Beckett price guides due to scarcity, they are typically as valuable as most other press plates from other sets.

  • A super star player will cost approximately $125 (Ichiro plate sold on Ebay in Jan 2007 for $121)
  • A star player will cost approximately $40-$50 (Kirby Puckett plate sold on Ebay in Feb 2007 for $51). A Mike Piazza plate went unsold during the same time period when the seller asked $99.
  • A semi-star player will cost approximately $30 (Eric Hinske plate sold on Ebay in Jan 2007 for $34)
  • A common player will cost approximately $10 (Terrence Long plate sold on Ebay in Feb 2007 for $8)

Impressions MaterialsEdit

2005 Don Champs Imp Mat Base

Impressions AutographsEdit

Recollection AutographsEdit

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