Signs of the Future is an insert set in 2005 Bowman. Sticker autographs from up and coming players are featured on the cards. The cards were inserted at varying rates depending on which of four groups they were included in. Players of note include: David Wright, Robinson Cano and Phil Hughes. According to Topps the David Wright card was limited to 100 copies and was inserted only as an exchange card with an expiration date of 5/31/2007. It is unknown how many of these copies were redeemed, it is quite rare on the secondary market.

Insertion OddsEdit

  • Group A odds 1:252 Hobby, 1:93 HTA, 1:571 Retail
  • Group B odds 1:219 Hobby, 1:82 HTA, 1:502 Retail
  • Group C odds 1:167 Hobby, 1:63 HTA,1:382 Retail
  • Group D odds 1:636 Hobby, 1:239 HTA, 1:1448 Retail


Price ReportEdit

  • June 2009
    • Chad Cordero $4


Number Player Team Group
SOF-ALAdam LoewenOriolesC
SOF-AWAnthony Whittington Angels B
SOF-BDBlake DeWitt Dodgers C
SOF-BC Bobby Crosby Athletics B
SOF-BMS Brad Snyder Indians C
SOF-BS Brad Sullivan Athletics C
SOF-BB Brian Bixler Pirates B
SOF-CC Chad Cordero Expos D
SOF-CG Christian Garcia Yankees C
SOF-DM Dallas McPherson Angels B
SOF-DP Dan Putnam Athletics B
SOF-DW David Wright Mets D
SOF-ES Ervin Santana Angels D
SOF-HS Huston Street Athletics C
SOF-JR Jay Rainville Twins C
SOF-JS Jay Sborz Tigers C
SOF-KW Kyle Waldrop Twins B
SOF-MC Melky Cabrera Yankees C
SOF-PM Paul Maholm Pirates C
SOF-PH Philip Hughes Yankees C
SOF-RR Richie Robnett Athletics A
SOF-RC Robinson Cano Yankees D
SOF-RW Ryan Wagner Reds C
SOF-SK Scott Kazmir Devil Rays D
SOF-SO Scott Olson Marlins D
SOF-TT Taylor Tankersley Marlins D
SOF-TH Tim Hutting Giants A
SOF-TG Tom Gorzelanny Pirates C
SOF-TP Trevor Plouffe Twins D

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