Take Me Out To the Ballgame! is a game used insert set included in 2004 Topps Cracker Jack. The cards are the same size as the mini parallel cards of the same set printed on a slightly thicker stock. Note that almost all of these jersey pieces are either a single color or might include a pinstripe any patch or prime pieces should be viewed with skepticism. The are split into eleven groups and are inserted at roughly 2 per box.

Insertion OddsEdit

  • Group A 1:654 Hobby, 1:765 Retail
  • Group B 1:645 Hobby, 1:645 Retail
  • Group C 1:152 Hobby, 1:194 Retail
  • Group D 1:131 Hobby, 1:223 Retail
  • Group E 1:99 Hobby, 1:125 Retail
  • Group F 1:201 Hobby, 1:264 Retail
  • Group G 1:211 Hobby, 1:297 Retail
  • Group H 1:190 Hobby, 1:226 Retail
  • Group I 1:126 Hobby, 1:154 Retail
  • Group J 1:149 Hobby, 1:189 Retail
  • Group K 1:89 Hobby, 1:93 Retail



Number Player Team GU Group
AB Angel Berroa Royals Bat I
AD Adam Dunn Reds Jersey C
AP Albert Pujols Cardinals Uni G
AP2 Albert Pujols Cardinals Bat C
AR Alex Rodriguez Yankees Jersey H
AR2 Alex Rodriguez Yankees Bat B
AS Alfonso Soriano Rangers Uni G
AS2 Alfonso Soriano Rangers Bat A
BA Bob Abreu Phillies Jersey E
BB1 Bret Boone Mariners Bat C
BB2 Bret Boone Mariners Jersey K
CB Craig Biggio Astros Jersey E
CJ Chipper Jones Braves Jersey K
EC Eric Chavez A's Uni F
GA Garrett Anderson Angels Bat B
HB Hank Blalock Rangers Bat C
IR Ivan Rodriguez Marlins Bat D
JB Jeff Bagwell Astros Uni E
JE Jim Edmonds Cardinals Jersey E
JGA Jason Giambi Yankees Jersey C
JGH Jason Giambi Yankees Uni F
JL Javy Lopez Orioles Jersey E
JL2 Javy Lopez Orioles Bat A
JR Jose Reyes Mets Jersey D
JRO Jimmy Rollins Phillies Jersey E
JT Jim Thome Phillies Jersey I
KW Kerry Wood Cubs Jersey G
LB Lance Berkman Astros Bat F
LB2 Lance Berkman Astros Jersey K
LG Luis Gonzalez Diamondbacks Jersey B
LW Larry Walker Cardinals Jersey J
MA Moises Alou Cubs Jersey J
MC Miguel Cabrera Marlins Bat H
MCT Mark Teixeira Rangers Jersey I
MG Marcus Giles Braves Jersey E
MP Mike Piazza Mets Jersey F
MR Manny Ramirez Red Sox Uni C
MS Mike Sweeney Royals Jersey A
MT Miguel Tejada Orioles Bat K
MY Michael Young Rangers Jersey D
NG Nomar Garciaparra Red Sox Jersey B
NG2 Nomar Garciaparra Red Sox Bat A
PB Pat Burrell Phillies Jersey E
PL Paul Lo Duca Dodgers Uni D
RB Rocco Baldelli Devil Rays Bat H
RF Rafael Furcal Braves Jersey J
SG Shawn Green Dodgers Uni D
SG2 Shawn Green Dodgers Bat C
SS Sammy Sosa Cubs Bat D
SS2 Sammy Sosa Cubs Jersey E
TG Troy Glaus Angels Jersey I
TH Todd Helton Rockies Jersey K
TKH Torii Hunter Twins Jersey B
VW Vernon Wells Blue Jays Jersey D

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