The cards were distributed primarily in hobby shops as a single series in six card packs that came twenty-four packs per box and ten boxes per case. Each hobby box also contained a Relic Pack box topper. Retail stroes also carried blaster boxes. The set was released in June 2004.

Base SetEdit

A 150-card base set features Topps' selection of some all-time favorite players, managers, umpires, broadcasters and front office personnel.

Parallel SetEdit

The lone parallel set was a Refractor set was inserted 1 per 19 hobby packs or approximately 1 per box. Each card was serial numbered out of 299 on the card back.

Insert SetsEdit


2004 Topps ATFF Auto RK

The primary insert set was the Autographs. The 122 on-card autographs were released in 14 different groups each with different odds. Overall two autographs were inserted into each hobby box on average.

Best Seat in the House RelicsEdit

2004 Topps Fan Best Seat


2004 Topps Fan Relics EW

One relic card was inserted into each Relic Pack box topper. The 34 card set features primarily Hall of Fame players, but Earl Weaver is also included.

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