The first 220 cards in the set was distributed at hobby shops in 6 card packs that came 24 packs per box in June 2004. The last 50 cards (numbered 226-275) were inserted 1:23 packs of 2005 Donruss.

Base SetEdit

The 270-card base set was split into three groups. The first 200 cards are veteran cards, followed by 20 autographed rookie cards. The remainder of the set (numbered 226-275) are short prints that were released as inserts in 2005 Donruss. Cards 220, 222, 223, 224 and 225 do not exist.

Parallel SetsEdit

The base set was paralleled with a Silver (/100), Gold (/50) and Platinum (/10) Proof sets. The first 225 cards were inserted at random in 2004 Studio boxes while 226-275 were inserted in 2005 Donruss. Note that cards 220, 222, 223, 224 and 225 exist in the parallel set.

Insert SetsEdit

Big League ChallengeEdit

Diamond CutsEdit

This series of game used bat, jersey swatch, patch and autographed were one of the many insert sets in 2004 Studio.

Fans of the GameEdit

2004 Studio Fans AU

Studio also had a Fans of the Game insert set. Five celebrities were included as random inserts in packs. The set was also paralleled with an autographed version.

Game Day SouvenirsEdit


Heroes of the HallEdit

Ten Hall of Fame players highlight this insert set. It is paralleled by a Die-Cut and a Gold parallel as well game used jersey, bat, jersey prime and autographed jersey sets.


Players CollectionEdit

2004 Studio PC 49

This 100-card game used set focuses on current stars in baseball. It is very similar to the other Players Collection sets released by Donruss in 2004. A seperate version of each card is specified for each different type (home, road, etc.) used for the card. The base set is serial numbered to 150 copies per card. The set is paralleled by a Platinum set serial numbered to 50 copies.

Private SigningsEdit

Rally CapsEdit

Spirit of the GameEdit


2004 Studio SS 08

This 50-card was inserted in 1:5 packs and shows the major stars of the MLB. The cards resemble driver's licenses. The set was paralleled by a Gold set, numbered to 100, and a Platinum set, numbered to 25 copies.

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