Naturals is an insert set in 2004 Leather and Lumber. The 10-card set features the most "natural" hitters in baseball. The inclusion of Rafael Palmeiro and Paul Molitor is regretful after Palmeiro was suspended for using steroids and Molitor admitted to using greenies during his career.

The base set is serial numbered to 2499 copies each. The set is paralleled by a Silver set (/100) and game used bat and bat barrel sets.



Number Player Team Bat Barrel
1 Eric Chavez A's 20 2
2 Garrett Anderson Angels 250 4
3 Lance Berkman Astros 250 4
4 Paul Molitor Blue Jays 250 2
5 Rafael Palmeiro Orioles 250 5
6 Ralph Kiner Pirates 250 1
7 Todd Helton Rockies 250 5
8 Tony Gwynn Padres 250 2
9 Wade Boggs Yankees 250 5
10 Will Clark Giants 250 1

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