Black and White is a partial parallel set of 2004 Leather and Lumber. The 25 card skip numbered set is an identical copy to the base set except the photograph has been changed to black and white. The set was serial numbered to 1000 copies. The Black and White set was paralleled in Silver (/100), Gold (/25) and Platinum (1/1) as well as in the Materials and Signatures parallels.


In person, it is relatively easy to differentiate between the base, Silver and Gold parallels. But when purchasing online, it is recommended to always get a scan of the card back to check for serial numbering.


Number Player Team
13 Chipper Jones Braves
14 Dale Murphy Braves
18 Cal Ripken Orioles
27 Nomar Garciaparra Red Sox
30 Greg Maddux Cubs
32 Mark Prior Cubs
33 Ryne Sandberg Cubs
34 Sammy Sosa Cubs
63 Roger Clemens Astros
67 George Brett Royals
78 Robin Yount Brewers
89 Gary Carter Expos
92 Mike Piazza Mets
94 Alex Rodriguez Yankees
96 Derek Jeter Yankees
97 Don Mattingly Yankees
99 Hideki Matsui Yankees
109 Rickey Henderson A's
116 Mike Schmidt Phillies
124 Tony Gwynn Padres
130 Ichiro Suzuki Mariners
133 Albert Pujols Cardinals
142 Alfonso Soriano Rangers
146 Nolan Ryan Rangers
174 Kazuo Matsui Mets