2004 Bowman Sterling is a baseball card set produced and distributed by Topps. It was the first release of the Bowman Sterling brand as a high end prospect set.


The set was distribued in Hobby shops in 5-card packs that came six packs to a box and four boxes per case. The original SRP was $50 per pack and was released in December 2004.

Base SetEdit

2004 Bowman Sterling CN

The 138 card base set is comprised entirely of veteran cards (game used) and rookie cards. Some of the rookie cards were autographed while other were autographed and contain a game used swatch. Every card in a five card pack was a "hit".

Parallel SetsEdit

The base set was paralleled by a series of Refractor sets. The regular Refractors are serial numbered to 199 copies and were inserted at better than 1:2 packs. The Black Refractors are serial numbered to 16 copies (Veterans and non-AU rookies) or 25 copies (AU and AU-GU rookies). The Red Refractors are serial numbered 1/1's and were inserted into packs and box loaders.

Original AutographsEdit

Each hobby box contained a box topper that contained one buy card that was autographed. The 46-card set is comprised entirely of Alex Rodriguez, Alfonso Soriano, Barry Bonds, Eric Chavez, and Jose Reyes cards.

Other InformationEdit

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