An insert set in 2003 Fleer Box Score. This seven card set features four current major league stars with a bat chip from each player. Not that a total of fifteen different players are included in the set, and all of them except Torii Hunter appear on multiple cards.


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Number Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
BRQ-1 Derek Jeter Torii Hunter Troy GlausMiguel Tejada
BRQ-2 Derek Jeter Mike PiazzaNomar GarciaparraChipper Jones
BRQ-3 Vladimir GuereroLance BerkmanSammy SosaScott Rolen
BRQ-4 Jason GiambiAlfonso SorianoAlex RodriguezTroy Glaus
BRQ-5 Alex RodriguezJim ThomeSammy SosaScott Rolen
BRQ-6 Jason GiambiJim ThomeMike PiazzaChipper Jones
BRQ-7 Nomar GarciaparraMiguel TejadaVlad GuereroAlfonso Soriano

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