Special Collection Game Jersey is an insert set of 2002 Upper Deck Vintage.


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Number Player Team GU SP
S-AD Andre Dawson Cubs Pants
S-BC Bert Campaneris A's Jersey
S-BW Billy Williams Cubs Jersey
S-CH Catfish Hunter A's Jersey SP
S-FJ Fergie Jenkins Cubs Pants SP
S-JR Joe Rudi A's Jersey
S-MG Mark Grace Cubs Jersey
S-MH Mike Hegan A's Jersey
S-PL Paul Lindblad A's Jersey
S-RF Rollie Fingers A's Jersey
S-RJ Reggie Jackson A's Jersey SP
S-RS Ryne Sandberg Cubs Jersey
S-SAB Sal Bando A's Jersey
S-SS Sammy Sosa Cubs Jersey
S-STB Stan Bahnsen A's Jersey

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