Aces Game Jersey is an insert set in 2002 Upper Deck Vintage. The cards were inserted 1:144 Hobby and 1:210 retail packs. The Roger Clemens card was short printed.



Number Player Team SP
A-FJ Ferguson Jenkins Cubs
A-GM Greg Maddux Braves
A-HN Hideo Nomo Red Sox
A-JD John Denny Phillies
A-JM Juan Marichal Giants
A-JS Johnny Sain Braves
A-MMA Mike Marshall Dodgers
A-MMU Mike Mussina Yankees
A-MT Mike Torrez Red Sox
A-NR Nolan Ryan Astros
A-PM Pedro Martinez Red Sox
A-RC Roger Clemens Yankees SP
A-RJ Randy Johnson Dimaondbacks
A-TH Tim Hudson A's

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