A game used Relics was included in 2002 Bowman Heritage, a standard to come in all future Bowman Heritage releases. A number of current players (veterans) were featured in this Relics insert set. Jerseys and Unis were inserted into packs at overall rates of 1:47 and 1:75 respectively. There were four different Uni groups and 7 different Jersey groups at differing rates. Most of these jersey and uniform swatches are single color swatches, but occasionally one is discovered with a pinstripe.

Insertion OddsEdit

  • GROUP A JSY ODDS 1:1910
  • GROUP B JSY ODDS 1:1551
  • GROUP C JSY ODDS 1:138
  • GROUP D JSY ODDS 1:207
  • GROUP E JSY ODDS 1:165
  • GROUP F JSY ODDS 1:2072
  • GROUP G JSY ODDS 1:653
  • GROUP A UNI ODDS 1:1551
  • GROUP B UNI ODDS 1:855
  • GROUP C UNI ODDS 1:124
  • GROUP D UNI ODDS 1:284


Price ReportEdit

  • June 2009
    • Beckett Jersey $4
    • Erstad Jersey $4 (did not sell)


Number Player Team Group
BH-AP Albert Pujols Cardinals Uni C
BH-BB Barry Bonds Giants Uni D
BH-CD Carlos Delgado Blue Jays Jsy G
BH-CJ Chipper Jones Braves Jsy C
BH-DE Darin Erstad Angels Uni C
BH-EA Edgardo Alfonzo Mets Jsy C
BH-EC Eric Chavez A's Jsy C
BH-EM Edgar Martinez Mariners Jsy C
BH-FT Frank Thomas White Sox Jsy F
BH-GM Greg Maddux Braves Jsy C
BH-IR Ivan Rodriguez Rangers Uni B
BH-JB Josh Beckett Marlins Jsy E
BH-JE Jim Edmonds Cardinals Jsy D
BH-JS John Smoltz Braves Jsy C
BH-JT Jim Thome Indians Jsy E
BH-KS Kazuhiro Sasaki Mariners Jsy C
BH-LW Larry Walker Rockies Jsy C
BH-MP Mike Piazza Mets Uni A
BH-MR Mariano Rivera Yankees Uni C
BH-NG Nomar Garciaparra Red Sox Jsy A
BH-PK Paul Konerko White Sox Jsy E
BH-PW Preston Wilson Marlins Jsy B
BH-SR Scott Rolen Cardinals Jsy C
BH-TG Tony Gwynn Padres Jsy D
BH-TH Todd Helton Rockies Jsy D
BH-TS Tim Salmon Angels Uni C

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