Chrome Refractors is a partial parallel set of 2002 Bowman Heritage. There were two Chrome partial parallel sets also produced for the 2002 Heritage set. Each set had 110 cards featuring the same players and checklist. The Chrome Refractor set was seeded at 1:16 packs and had a serial numbered print run of 350. A gold refractor set was also produced, seeded at half the rate and half the print run; 1:32 packs and a serial numbered run of 175 copies per card. The Chrome printing process did cause these cards to warp over time if not encased in a semi-rigid case.



Number Player Team
1BHC Edwin Almonte White Sox
2BHC Moises Alou Cubs
3BHC Benito Baez Marlins
4BHC Lance Berkman Astros
5BHC Bret Boone Mariners
6BHC Taylor Buchholz Red Sox
7BHC Pat Burrell Phillies
8BHC Sean Burroughs Padres
9BHC Orlando Cabrera Expos
10BHC Sean Casey Reds
11BHC Matt Childers Brewers
12BHC Brady Clark Reds
13BHC Roger Clemens Yankees
14BHC Marty Cordova Orioles
15BHC Craig Counsell Diamondbacks
16BHC Juan Cruz Cubs
17BHC Jack Cust Diamondbacks
18BHC Ben Davis Padres
19BHC Sean Douglass Orioles
20BHC Brandon Duckworth Phillies
21BHC David Eckstein Angels
22BHC Morgan Ensberg Astros
23BHC Darin Erstad Angels
24BHC Carl Everett Rangers
25BHC Nomar Garciaparra Red Sox
26BHC Marcus Giles Braves
27BHC Alex Gonzalez Cubs
28BHC Juan M. Gonzalez Tigers
29BHC Shawn Green Dodgers
30BHC Cristian Guzman Twins
31BHC Mike Hampton Rockies
32BHC Rob Henkel Marlins
33BHC David Wells Yankees
34BHC Brad Fullmer Expos
35BHC Jeremy Giambi A's
36BHC Koyie Hill Cubs
37BHC Tim Hudson A's
38BHC Hansel Izquierdo Marlins
39BHC Geoff Jenkins Brewers
40BHC D'Angelo Jimenez Padres
41BHC Andruw Jones Braves
42BHC Brian Jordan Braves
43BHC Jason Kendall Pirates
44BHC Ryan Klesko Padres
45BHC Paul Konerko White Sox
46BHC Matt Lawton Indians
47BHC Scotty Layfield Cardinals
48BHC Paul Lo Duca Dodgers
49BHC Terrence Long A's
50BHC Pedro Martinez Red Sox
51BHC Tino Martinez Yankees
52BHC Jake Mauer Twins
53BHC Fred McGriff Cubs
54BHC Doug Mientkiewicz Twins
55BHC Wade Miller Astros
56BHC Melvin Mora Orioles
57BHC Mike Mussina Yankees
58BHC Hideo Nomo Dodgers
59BHC Tomo Ohka Expos
60BHC Magglio Ordonez White Sox
61BHC Rafael Palmeiro Rangers
62BHC Corey Patterson Cubs
63BHC Carlos Pena A's
64BHC Josh Phelps Blue Jays
65BHC Joel Pineiro Mariners
66BHC Luke Prokopec Blue Jays
67BHC Mark Quinn Royals
68BHC Joe Randa Royals
69BHC Tim Redding Astros
70BHC Mark Redman Tigers
71BHC Jose Reyes Mets
72BHC Juan Rivera Yankees
73BHC John Rodriguez Yankees
74BHC Antwon Rollins Rangers
75BHC CC Sabathia Indians
76BHC Reggie Sanders Giants
77BHC Curt Schilling Diamondbacks
78BHC Jason Schmidt Giants
79BHC David Segui Orioles
80BHC Richie Sexson Brewers
81BHC Doug Sessions Astros
82BHC John Smoltz Braves
83BHC Alfonso Soriano Yankees
84BHC Lee Stevens Expos
85BHC Mike Sweeney Royals
86BHC Dennis Tankersley Padres
87BHC Marcus Thames Yankees
88BHC Frank Thomas White Sox
89BHC Josh Towers Orioles
90BHC Brent Abernathy Devil Rays
91BHC Eric Valent Phillies
92BHC Jose Valverde Diamondbacks
93BHC Mo Vaughn Mets
94BHC Robin Ventura Yankees
95BHC Jack Wilson Pirates
96BHC Dan Wright White Sox
97BHC Dmitri Young Tigers
98BHC Barry Zito A's
99BHC Shayne Wright Angels
100BHC Ryan Vogelsong Pirates
101BHC Noochie Varner Reds
102BHC Ben Sheets Brewers
103BHC Ed Rogers Orioles
104BHC Mike Rivera Tigers
105BHC Edgar Renteria Cardinals
106BHC Brad Penny Marlins
107BHC Ramon Ortiz Angels
108BHC Nick Neugebauer Brewers
109BHC Xavier Nady Padres
110BHC Randy Johnson Diamondbacks