The Autograph set in 2002 Bowman Heritage was a hand-signed insert set. Overall odds of pulling an autographed card were 1 in 45 packs or approximately 1 per two boxes. The cards were split into three groups, A, B and C with each group being inserted at slightly different odds.

Insertion RatesEdit

  • Group A STATED ODDS 1:620
  • Group B STATED ODDS 1:89
  • Group C STATED ODDS 1:103


Price ReportEdit

  • June 2009
    • Mauer - $70
    • Prior - $7, $11
    • Berkman - $10
    • Blalock - $8


Number Player Team Group
BHA-AP Albert PujolsCardinals A
BHA-CI Cesar IzturisBlue Jays B
BHA-DH Drew Henson Yankees B
BHA-HB Hank Blalock Rangers C
BHA-JM Joe MauerTwins C
BHA-JR Juan Rivera Yankees C
BHA-KG Keith Ginter Astros B
BHA-KI Kazuhisa IshiiDodgers A
BHA-LB Lance BerkmanAstros B
BHA-MP Mark PriorCubs B
BHA-PL Paul LoDucaDdogers C
BHA-RO Roy OswaltAstros B
BHA-TH Toby Hall Devil Rays B

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