Autographs is an insert set in 2002 Bowman. These cards feature autographs from a large number of prospects. The pictures on the card fronts are identical to those of the 2002 Bowman relics cards for players who appear in both sets. However, this set is expanded and has some top names in the game including Mark Prior, Roy Oswalt, and Chase Utley.

These cards were inserted at varying rates depending on the series and were also inserted as a box topper in the HTA (jumbo) boxes.

Insertion OddsEdit

OVERALL ODDS 1:40 H, 1:24 HTA, 1:53 R

  • GROUP A 1:67 H, 1:39 HTA, 1:89 R
  • GROUP B 1:129 H, 1:74 HTA, 1:170 R
  • GROUP C 1:881 H, 1:507 HTA, 1:1165 R
  • GROUP D 1:1558 H, 1:896 HTA, 1:2060 R
  • GROUP E 1:1685 H, 1:968 HTA, 1:2238 R



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