Game Gear Jerseys is an insert set in 2001 Topps Stars. The 15-card set features game used jersey swatches from some of baseball's current stars. The cards were released in two groups that were inserted at different rates. A Group was inserted 1:71 packs while B Group was inserted 1:472 packs. Overall, the odds of pulling a jersey card was 1:61 packs.



Number Player Team Group
TSR-AJ Andruw Jones Braves A
TSR-BB Barry Bonds Giants B
TSR-CJ Chipper Jones Braves A
TSR-EA Edgardo Alfonzo Mets A
TSR-EM Edgar Martinez Mariners A
TSR-FT Frank Thomas White Sox A
TSR-JV Jose Vidro Expos A
TSR-LC Luis Castillo Marlins A
TSR-MO Magglio Ordonez White Sox A
TSR-MP Mike Piazza Mets A
TSR-RA Roberto Alomar Indians A
TSR-SS Sammy Sosa Cubs A
TSR-TG Tony Gwynn Padres A
TSR-TH Todd Helton Rockies B
TSR-SHS Shannon Stewart Blue Jays A

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