The 2001 Slideshow set was an insert set in 2001 Leaf Rookies and Stars. A revival of the Slideshow inserts from the mid-1990s, these cards feature game used jersey pieces of some of the games top players. The cards were randomly inserted into packs at 1:96 packs for the base level Slideshow cards. A number of the Slideshow are recorded as short prints in the Beckett Price Guide and are stated to have 100 copies per card.

A paralllel set of the Slideshow inserts called View Master Slideshow is one of the more innovative sets in 2001, the first jumbo swatch cards ever produced. The jersey piece could be pulled out of the card revealing a much larger swatch than just what was framed in the card. This set paralleled all 30 cards in the Slideshow insert set.

Additionally some of the Slideshow cards also had autographed stickers placed on the cards. These cards are extremely rare and are not priced in the price guide, but generally sell for $100 for the low end players and $500-$700 (or more!) for the Pujols. Only 12 of the 30 cards have an autographed version and are noted in the checklist below.


Base SlideshowEdit

Slideshow Master ViewEdit

Slideshow AutographsEdit


Number Name Team SP? Auto?
S-1 Cal Ripken Orioles No No
S-2 Chipper Jones Braves Yes Yes
S-3 Jeff Bagwell Astros No No
S-4 Larry Walker Rockies No No
S-5 Greg Maddux Braves Yes Yes
S-6 Ivan Rodriguez Rangers No No
S-7 Andruw Jones Braves YesYes
S-8 Lance Berkman Astros Yes Yes
S-9 Luis Gonzalez Diamondbacks Yes Yes
S-10 Tony Gwynn Padres No No
S-11 Troy Glaus Angels Yes Yes
S-12 Todd Helton Rockies No No
S-13 Roberto Alomar White Sox No No
S-14 Barry Bonds Giants No No
S-15 Vladimir Guerrero Expos Yes Yes
S-16 Sean Casey Reds Yes Yes
S-17 Curt Schilling Diamondbacks Yes Yes
S-18 Frank Thomas White Sox No No
S-19 Pedro Martinez Red Sox No No
S-20 Juan Gonzalez Indians No No
S-21 Randy Johnson Diamondbacks No No
S-22 Kerry Wood Cubs Yes Yes
S-23 Mike Sweeney Royals No No
S-24 Magglio Ordonez White Sox No No
S-25 Kazuhiro Sasaki Mariners No No
S-26 Manny Ramirez Red Sox No No
S-27 Roger Clemens Yankees No No
S-28 Albert Pujols Cardinals Yes Yes
S-29 Hideo Nomo Red Sox No No
S-30 Miguel Tejada A's Yes Yes

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