2001 Fleer Rack Pack Autographs is an insert set in 2001 Fleer Platinum. The cards are buy-backs from other Fleer releases that were hand signed and inserted into Series 1 Rack Packs at a rate of 1 per pack. Most of the cards were serial numbered by hand on the card front. In hindsight, including most of the young players in the checklist with the superstars and Hall of Famers seems ridiculous but Cruz, Drew, Grieve and Helms were all highly thought-of in 2001.



Number Player Brand PR
1 Hank Aaron 1997 SI 90
2 Lou Brock 1998 SITN15
3 Roger Clemens 1998 SITN125
4 Jose Cruz Jr 1997 No BrandN/A
5 JD Drew 1999 SI One's10
6 Steve Garvey 1987 Fleer15
7 Bob Gibson 1998 SITN300
8 Ben Grieve No Brand100
9 Tony Gwynn 1998 SITN125
10 Wes Helms 1997 No Brand N/A
11 Harmon Killebrew 1998 SITN300
12 Paul Konerko No Brand135
13 Willie Mays 1997 SI115
14 Willie Mays 1998 SITN120
15 Kirby Puckett 1997 SI105
16 Cal Ripken 1997 SI5
17 Brooks Robinson 1998 SITN40
18 Frank Robinson 1997 SI115
19 Scott Rolen 1998 SITN150
20 Alex Rodriguez 1997 SI94
21 Alex Rodriguez 1998 Promo150

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