Century Marks is one of the autograph insert sets that was randomly inserted into 2001 Donruss Signature Series tins. These cards feature players who will make their marks on this century as did the players in the 1900's, they might have been correct about 5 or 6 players in the set. 48 players are included in the set with varying print runs between 99 and 241 copies. Note the autographs are not on card, instead they are stickers.


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Player PR
Brent Abernathy 184
Roberto Alomar 102
Rick Ankiel 119
Lance Berkman 121
Mark Buehrle 224
Wilmy Caceres 194
Eric Chavez 170
Joe Crede 154
Jack Cust 178
Brandon Duckworth 183
David Espinosa 199
Johnny Estrada 198
Pedro Feliz 180
Robert Fick 232
Cliff Floyd 146
Casey Fossum 100
Jay Gibbons 175
Keith Ginter 163
Troy Glaus 144
Luis Gonzalez 101
Vladimir Guerrero 187
Richard Hidalgo 173
Tim Hudson 145
Adam Johnson 130
Gabe Kapler 150
Joe Kennedy 219
Ryan Klesko 176
Carlos Lee 179
Terrence Long 180
Edgar Martinez 110
Joe Mays 209
Greg Miller 194
Wade Miller 180
Mark Mulder 203
Xavier Nady 180
Magglio Ordonez 104
Jose Ortiz 187
Roy Oswalt 192
Wily Mo Pena 203
Brad Penny 198
Aramis Ramirez 241
Luis Rivas 163
Alex Rodriguez 110
Scott Rolen 106
Mike Sweeney 99
Eric Valent 163
Kip Wells 223
Kerry Wood 109

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