Released exclusively in Hobby Shops in 25 card tins including 2 serial numbered rookie cards and 1 autographed card.

Base SetEdit

The base set is a 311 card set, more than two-thirds of which are rookie and prospect cards. Cards 1-110 are veterans and are not serial numbered. Cards 111-165 are mostly autographed rookie cards (with a few non-AU's). These cards were serial numbered to 330 and randomly inserted. Cards 166-311 are all non-autographed rookies and prospects. These were inserted two per box and had a print run of 800 serial numbered sets.

The key cards in this set include Ichiro Suzuki (no-AU RC), Albert Pujols (AU RC), Mark Prior (no-AU RC), Mark Teixeira (no-AU RC), and Travis Hafner (no-AU RC).

Proof Parallel SetEdit

2001 Donruss Sig Proof

The lone parallel set of 2001 Donruss Signature Series was the Proofs parallel set. All 311 cards are paralleled and are serial numbered on the back of the card. On the right hand edge of the front of the card appear the words "Signature Proof". (It is difficult to see in the scan). Cards 1-110 are serial numbered to 175 copies and cards 111-311 are serial numbered to 25 cards.

Insert SetsEdit

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