These game used bat cards were inserted into 2001 Donruss Classics at a rate of 1:18 Hobby packs and 1:72 retail packs. None of the cards are serial numbered, however Donruss did release print runs for the cards that were short printed. Additionally some of the cards were available only as exchange cards and are noted as such in the checklist below.

This set features some of the first game used memorabilia pieces of Hack Wilson, Rogers Hornsby, Nellie Fox, Jimmie Foxx, Ty Cobb and Lou Gehrig. Overall the checklist of players is fairly extensive (39 of the 50 players are in the Hall of Fame) but with the low print runs of the Gehrig and Ruth cards along with the fact that several of the cards were only available as exchange cards, completing this set can be quite challenging.

It should also be noted that some of the short printed cards do not carry a price in the Beckett OPG, typically these are the least rare of the short prints (Ripken, Mathews, etc). They typically sell for $10-$20.

Price ReportEdit

  • May 2009 (from eBay)
    • Babe Ruth card - $165.00
    • George Brett - $6.00
    • Mike Schmidt - $6.00
    • Duke Snider - $10.00
    • Ralph Kiner - $7.50
    • Barry Bonds - $13.00 (did not sell)
  • May 2017 (from eBay)
    • Babe Ruth card - $130
    • Ty Cobb - $30
    • Eddie Mathews - $10
    • Lou Brock - $5
    • Ernie Banks Autograph Version - $80



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