2001 Bowman Draft Futures Game Relics was an insert set in 2001 Bowman Draft. 1 card was inserted into each factory set. Each card has a game used swatch from the 2001 Futures Game played during the All-Star break. The only card of note is the Chase Utley. Back in 2001, the Wilson Betemit and Adam Dunn cards were in high demand.


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  • FGRAA Alfredo Amezaga
  • FGRAD Adam Dunn
  • FGRAG Adrian Gonzalez
  • FGRAH Alex Herrera
  • FGRBM Brett Myers
  • FGRCD Cody Ransom
  • FGRCG Chris George
  • FGRCH Carlos Hernandez
  • FGRCU Chase Utley
  • FGREB Erik Bedard
  • FGRGB Grant Balfour
  • FGRHB Hank Blalock
  • FGRJB Joe Borchard
  • FGRJC Juan Cruz
  • FGRJP Josh Pearce
  • FGRJR Juan Rivera
  • FGRJAP Juan A.Pena
  • FGRLG Luis Garcia
  • FGRMC Miguel Cabrera
  • FGRMR Mike Rivera
  • FGRRR Ricardo Rodriguez
  • FGRSC Scott Chiasson
  • FGRSS Seung Song
  • FGRTB Toby Hall
  • FGRWB Wilson Betemit
  • FGRWP Wily Mo Pena

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