2001 Bowman Autographs was an insert in the 2001 Bowman baseball card set. The cards were inserted at a stated rate of 1:74 hobby and 1:35 HTA jumbo packs. The cards are not serial numbered and none were issued as redemption cards. The Albert Pujols card is one of the most sought after of any of Pujols' rookie cards. The Travis Hafner and Justin Morneau are also in high demand.



Number Player Team
BA-AE Alex Escobar
BA-AG Adrian Gonzalez
BA-AJ Adam Johnson
BA-AP Albert Pujols Cardinals
BA-ADP Adam Piatt A's
BA-AJG Alex Graman
BA-AKG Alex Gordon
BA-BB Brian Barnowski Red Sox
BA-BD Ben Diggins
BA-BS Ben Sheets Brewers
BA-BW Brad Wilkerson
BA-BZ Barry Zito A's
BA-CG Cristian Guerrero
BA-DK Dave Krynzel
BA-DM Dustin McGowan
BA-DWK David Kelton Cubs
BA-FB Freddie Bynum
BA-JB Jason Botts
BA-JD Jose Diaz
BA-JH Josh Hamilton D-Rays
BA-JM Justin Morneau Twins
BA-JP Josh Pressley
BA-JRH J.R. House
BA-JWH Jason Hart
BA-KM Kevin Mench
BA-KS Kazuhiro Sasaki Mariners
BA-LM Luis Montanez
BA-LO Lyle Overbay
BA-MV Miguel Villilo
BA-ND Noel Devarez
BA-PL Pedro Liriano
BA-RF Rafael Furcal Braves
BA-RJ Russ Jacobson
BA-SB Sean Burroughs Padres
BA-SM Sean McGowan
BA-SS Shawn Sonnier
BA-SU Sixto Urena
BA-SDS Steve Smyth Cubs
BA-TH Travis Hafner Rangers
BA-TJ Tripper Johnson
BA-WB Wilson Betemit Braves

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