Base SetEdit

The 440 card base set was issued in a single series in 2000. The first 140 cards focus on veteran players while the last 300 cards focus on rookie cards and prospects.

Key CardsEdit

Rookie cards in this set include Barry Zito, Ben Sheets, Carlos Zambrano, Francisco Rodriguez, and Roy Oswalt


  • 304 Eric Byrnes - UER

Parallel SetsEdit

Two parallel sets were included in packs. The first was the Retro/Future cards that were inserted 1 per pack. The cards use the same pictures as the base cards, but are turned horizontally and a border has been added that is very similar to the 1955 Bowman. The Gold cards were inserted at odds 1:64 hobby and 1:31 HTA Jumbo packs (approximately 1 per 3 boxes) and were serial numbered to 99 copies each.

Insert SetsEdit


Early IndicationsEdit

Major PowerEdit

The Major Power set highlights ten of the best power hitters in baseball during the 1998 season.

Tool TimeEdit

Bowman's Best PreviewsEdit

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