1999 Bowman is a baseball card set that was distributed by Topps. It was the last Bowman set to be released in two series, the next year would introduce the Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects sets that would become standard in the next decade.


Base SetEdit

The base set consists of 440 cards, 220 cards in each series. Series 2 by far has more valuable rookies than Series 1.

Key CardsEdit

Rookie Cards include Pat Burrell, Adam Dunn, CC Sabathia, Alfonso Soriano, Mark Mulder, Tim Hudson, Rafael Furcal, Joe Nathan, Matt Holliday, David Eckstein, Josh Hamilton, and Carl Crawford.


Surprisingly, there no reported uncorrected errors in the set.

Parallel SetsEdit

There were two parallel sets inserted into packs. The International parallels were inserted 1 per pack as they had been included since 1997. A Gold Parallel set was also included but only 99 serial numbered sets were produced. These cards were inserted 1:111 series 1 and 1:59 series 2 packs.

Insert SetsEdit

2000 Rookie of the Year FavoritesEdit


1999 Bowman Baseball BA-28

Autographed cards of various rookies and prospects were once again included as insert cards. 70 cards consisting of Blue, Silver and Gold varieties were inserted into packs in both Series 1 and 2. Unlike 1997 and 1998 autograph sets, the players included in the checklist began to be less star-studded. There are very few rookie autographs included, and none of the big stars.

Early RisersEdit

Late BloomersEdit

1999 Bowman LB-10

Scout's ChoiceEdit

1999 Bowman SC-04

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