1994 Triple Play is a baseball card set produced and distributed by Donruss. It was a low end set that was released in early 1994.


The 1994 Triple Play set was distributed at Hobby and Retail outlets in either wax packs or jumbo packs.

Base SetEdit

The 300 card base set features ten players from each major league team, a 17-card Rookie Review subset, and three checklist cards. There are no notable rookie cards in the set.

Insert SetsEdit

Bomb SquadEdit

1994 Triple Play BS 8

This ten card set features the most powerful hitters in the game (in 1993). The cards were inserted 1:18 wax and 1:8 jumbo packs.


The fifteen card set features the top three three players in the each league at each respective position (Catcher, First Base, Second Base, Shortstop, Third Base, Outfield, Starting Pitcher, Relief Pitcher and Designated Hitter). The cards were inserted 1:12 wax packs and 1:6 jumbo packs.


1994 Triple Play NN 8

This 8 card set features major league players with a photo depiciting the team mascot in the background. For example the Cal Ripken card features an Oriole. The cards were inserted 1:36 wax and 1:12 jumbo packs.

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